Kandyduję dla zwierząt

Kandyduję dla zwierząt

When elected I pledge to:
• Work to ensure an animal welfare framework law is adopted that provides the
highest level of welfare possible
• Endeavour to minimise live animal transport, review the existing legislation to
maximise the protection of animals and ensure it is enforced across the EU
• Promote a comprehensive EU strategy to decrease animal testing while driving
the acceptance and uptake of alternative methods
• Ensure animal welfare is clearly included in the EU-US Trade agreement
• Introduce legislation that will ban the cloning of animals for food
• Develop EU wide standards for breeding and trade of companion animals
to protect animal welfare and ensure traceability
• Work to reduce the number of species and animals being kept as exotic pets and
to maximise their welfare
In addition I will strive to ensure that animals are recognised as sentient beings in
all legislation that comes before the Parliament and strive to ensure all existing
animal welfare related legislation is properly enforced.
Signed: Wojciech Muża

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